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  1. Account management: We ensure smooth coordination and execution of your PR strategy, monitoring progress and maintaining communication throughout the process.
  2. Dedicated account manager: Your account manager will be your main point of contact, addressing your needs and ensuring the success of your campaign.
  3. Schedule management: We handle the scheduling of your appearances, making sure everything is organised and timely.
  4. Copywriting: Our team creates compelling content, including media kit, pitches, and promotional materials, we also can provide the ghost writer that will prepare articles for publication following your guidance
  5. Goal-driven approach: Unlike retainer-based agencies, we work until we reach the agreed-upon goals, ensuring you get the results you’re looking for.
To choose the best service for your goals, start by clarifying your objectives and the type of exposure you’re aiming for. Here’s a quick guide to help you match your objectives with the right service
  1. Boosting engagement and visibility: Think about a Podcast/Media Tour to captivate an engaged audience. Podcasts are a great way to get exposure for your digital offerings and online publications are amazing for building credibility
  2. Creating buzz for your book launch: Choose a PR Campaign for Your Upcoming Book to land interviews and features in relevant media spaces. Our agency boasts a stellar success rate, encompassing bestseller campaigns and even an NYT bestseller campaign.
  3. Building credibility and differentiating from competition : Opt for Profile Features in esteemed online publications. This approach can enhance your Google search results and solidify trust from clients and partners.
If you are still puzzled, why not book a call with us to delve into your distinct objectives? Our team is ready to help you choose the most fitting service to propel your success.
We always strive to secure appearances on your favourite podcasts or magazines. However, our commitment is to deliver a specific number of publications at a certain level of exposure (for example, domain rating or podcast rating), not exact titles. While we do our best to target your preferred outlets, we cannot guarantee placements on specific podcasts or magazines. If you come across an agency that does that, there’s a high chance they are paying for the publication and acting as a middleman, taking commissions. This practice often leads to much higher rates per publication. We focus on delivering high-quality placements as earned media, providing you with the best value and exposure for your investment.
Yes. Transparency is the key! Our contract will outlines the agreed-upon terms, deliverables, and expectations. The contract specifies the number and type of appearances you can expect, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the scope of work and the results we commit to delivering.

Domain Rating (DR) evaluates a website’s authority and influence, making it crucial when selecting a site for features. You want to be featured on sited with good DR because:

  1. Higher DR websites are reputable, which means they are enhancing your credibility.
  2. SEO benefits: Higher DR sites rank better on search engines, improving your content’s visibility. We had clients landing on the first page of Google with this technique!
  3. Increased referral traffic: High DR sites have larger, engaged audiences, resulting in more exposure and potential leads.

There are 3 mil podcasts out there and counting… if you are considering a podcast tour as a tool to grow your business, there are few things to keep in mind:

  1. Access to top-rated podcasts: We focus on securing appearances on high-rated podcasts, as specified in the contract, ensuring that your message reaches a larger and more engaged audience.
  2. Expertise and relationships: 6 years of experience means lots of and established relationships with podcast hosts and producers. This means better chances of getting featured on great shows.
  3. Targeted approach: We have 20 000+ contacts in our database and keep searching! We identify the best podcasts for your brand, aligning your appearances with your target market and objectives.
  4. Guaranteed results: Yes! We proudly commit to deliver a specific number of appearances on best shows, providing predictable and measurable outcomes.
It’s about the niche and re-thinking the whole model of your relationships with a PR agency. Retainer mode with no guarantees just doesn’t make sense. We focus on results, so you only pay for what we achieve. Our specialty is transformational leadership, wellness, and personal development. We work hard to reach the agreed-upon goals. Our PR experience includes dedicated account management, scheduling, and copywriting. We build authentic relationships and provide real value, making our service stand out from the rest.
Most PR agencies provide no guarantees. A PR agent is always the middle woman between you and people who make news: editors, podcasts and show producers. That’s why most PR agencies charge retainers and don’t guarantee results, we always felt it’s unfair to you as a client. That’s why we DO guarantee the number of features and size of publications you’ll get when signing with us. I’m not the editor, so I can’t guarantee placements in specific magazines, but I am in touch with many editors, so if one falls through …we’ll make sure to get you another.

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