Natasha Zo

Case Studies

Gladys Simen
became a keynote speaker

Gladys Simen, a busy working mother with a thriving corporate career, came to us looking to build her coaching business on the side. Her availability was extremely limited, so it was important to focus on highest-leverage opportunities. We started building her authority as a coach for working mothers among HR managers and small-business owners thought HR and leadership publications. Unlike many people in the field, Gladys did not have time to invest into email marketing of full social media strategy. PR was the only chanel she used to get out there.

Within one year she began receiving inbound messages from her dream clients. After appearing on highly-targeted podcasts, she was invited to do two keynote speeches. Now, she’s living her dream: coaching and sharing her wisdom on the side of everything she already loves to do.

Rhiannon Heins
launched a bestseller

Rhiannon Heins came to us to support the launch of the book and
help share it outside her own community.

For Rhiannon we picked a podcast tour strategy and planned a waterfall of interviews to drop on the week of the launch. We started small and build the way to blogger channels. When the book dropped on Amazon, sales started rolling in, interviews started dropping.  With all the buzz, the book quickly reached bestseller status. Unexpected cherry on the cake – at the end of the campaign Google search started recognizing Rhiannon Heins name and suggested a Google knowledge panel for her.

Ursula Eysin
enrolled corporate clients

Ursula came to us to expand her brand and attract new clients. She is an independent consultant for the European Commission. Governments, innovative startups and large corporations commission her agency to help with strategic future planning. Not your usual crowd:)

Her media tour was all about finding the right platforms. We got her to write opinion columns and share her best cases on podcast interviews. She kept sharing new features with her audience. By the end of the media tour Ursula was celebrating new clients who came as a result of this effort.

Marisa Peer
tripled website traffic

Marisa Peer is an internationally renowned hypnotherapist. Imagine my excitement, when my team got Marisa a prime-time slot on Today Show on NBC. That’s 4 million viewers! Interesting enough, the dream media feature wasn’t the most impactful. A few months after TV segment aired, we booked Marisa for the School of Greatness – of the top podcasts globally. The day interview went live, Marisa’s website traffic went through the roof! We’ve seen the traffic triple over the course of next week, and even years after the release, there are still people who discover her work through that one interview.

Soma Breath
attracted retreat participants

Soma Breath is an international breathwork school with thousands of students and instructors around the world. They contracted us to help them stand out from the competition, tell brand stories and create trust. We suggested focusing on sharing the founder’s story though podcast tour as well as appearing on some well-known media to build authority. 

This campaign brought hundreds of media appearances and tangible results. Few times a year Soma Breath runs their in-person retreats. On every retreat 50-60% of participants said they first heard about Soma Breath on one of their favourite podcasts. That is a great confirmation of podcast tours generating highly-engaged leads.

Juliette Karaman
became go-to media expert

Juliette is a trauma coach from the UK where she has a thriving practice. When we started working together, Juliette was no stranger to media attention.For her, having constant media presence meant establishing authority and credibility in her field. 

We used her exciting media-credibility to reach bigger publications and podcasts. We helped Juliette establish strong relationships with a few journalists, who now come directly to her to bounce off ideas for articles on relationships and trauma. Juliette became a go-to expert on these topics. This means, she can continue appearing on the pages of Stylist and Newsweek, getting exposed to new audience, without putting any more effort into it.

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