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May 25–31, Online Events Roundup

May 25–31, Online Events Roundup

Kinda clueless of how did we reach the end of May so quickly. Still lots of interesting things to come in this last week! I took a day offline this weekend, got Nassim Taleb’s “Antifragile: things that gain from disorder” on my Kindle and dove in, so publishing this...

Online Experiences Roundup Until. 11-17th May 2020

Online Experiences Roundup Until. 11-17th May 2020

2020 was (is) a year when we all learned to connect differently. People are getting married on Zoom, doing photoshoots on Zoom, all sorts of things on Zoom. Everyday, browsing though all the online experiecnes, I’m silently apploading to amazing creative artist,...

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