Hey, I have media opportunities looking for someone just like you.

Ever week I go though approximately 983 media requests: podcasts, national press, blogs, pequiliar influencer collaboration ideas. And trust me, there is a demand for any and every kind of expertiese. At this very moment there are media looking for someone just like you! Sign up here and we’ll send them to you once a week!

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Here is the deal


“The Media List” is like a newsletter, but instead of news and random blog articles I’ll fill it up with media opportunities.

Once a week you’ll get one email from me, no more.

In this email you’ll have media opportunities which are open for submissions: from top-tier magazines to blogs and podcast requests

You’ll have full details, such as media outlet, requirments and full contact info to apply

Most of the opportunities I send you will be free, but there might be some premium options.

I’ll also share the deadline by which you can apply for particular opportunity. It would be up to you to apply and proceed with booking if chosen.

That’s it, just making sure that good media opportunities don’t go to waste.


Me, popping up in your inbox weekly, to drop off some fresh opportunities

Who am I and why am I doing this

My name is Natasha Zo. I’m a former journalist turned media relations specialist. I’m a founder of PR agency, on a mission to help health and welness leaders to grow their brand thought the power of media. I love to meet people, discover stories that are worth sharing and help those people to be heard. I’ve helped multiple authors and entrepreneurs to score that Amazon bestseller title and get featured in top magazines, podcasts and online media.

Even since I started the PR agency, my list of contacts grew rapidly. Every week I receive requests from journalists, podcast hosts and influencers. They are looking for stories, experts or collaborations and I’d love to share those requests with you! The truth is – I don’t always have a right person to pitch to those media requests. That’s why I want to give you access to these media opportunities!

For me it’s just a way to do what I love most: connecting people, helping great stories to be heard!


Some people who got major media opportunities with me

Marisa Peer

Celebrity Hypnotherapist

Regan Hillyer

8-Figure Business Coach

Kristina Mand

Co-founder of Mindvalley

Sarah Prout

Inspirational Speaker, Author

Here is how one of weekly emails looks like. 


  • I’ll always be transparent about outlet, criteria and deadline
  • Most opportunities are free, some are paid – you’ll know upfront
  • Clear steps how to apply
  • Short, sweet and to the point!

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