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Discover the Stress-Free Way to Attract New Clients by Building Media Presence for Your Brand

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Marketing is overwhelming. As an early-stage health & wellness entrepreneur or coach, you are expected to do the amount of work fit for an entire department. In fact, your role models (who make it look so easy on Instagram) have probably hired such a department. 

Trying to do the job of 10 people by yourself is everyone’s worst nightmare. But until you step into the light and show the world the value you can offer, your coaching practice will struggle to grow.

How can you get your name out there without trying to take on the stressful tasks of an entire marketing department? The answer lies in publicity.

The influential power of publicity is undeniable… 

Have you ever listened to a podcast and bought the book it recommended?

Have you ever read a post by an influencer and went searching for a product they were talking about?

Have you ever watched a Youtube video and got excited about learning something new or even purchasing a course?

Publicity is not just about being famous. It’s about getting results.

Did you know that a single podcast interview done right can bring you an inbox full of new leads, who are happy to pay for your services simply because they trust you after hearing you on a favourite show?

And that an article published under your name not only positions you as a trusted expert, but also could bring you new enquiries, invitations, or even speaking opportunities?

Best of all, getting all these results through publicity costs exactly $0! 

During this Free Webinar You’ll learn

  • How to get publicity for your brand, even if you have zero experience in marketing and even if you’re a brand new coach or author.
  • The 3 types of new media and how to  choose the right channels for your publicity campaign.
  • How being a guest on podcasts can help you grow your business and how to score your first interview.
  • How to prepare your story for publicity. Your life story is the biggest transformation lesson you can offer. You’ll learn how to share it in a way that speaks to your audience while staying true to your voice.
  • Why 87% of media pitches fail and how to avoid the most common beginners mistakes.

About Your Instructor on this webinar

My name is Natasha Zo. I’m a former journalist turned media relations specialist. I’m on a mission to support health and wellness leaders to grow their brand through the power of the media. 

 I’ve helped multiple authors to score that Amazon bestseller title and get featured in top magazines, podcasts, and online media.

 I know that anyone in wellness or alternative health needs to work twice as hard to be heard by the mainstream media. 

 Even those who heal stress, resolve conflicts, reignite passions, or help people come off medications. Even those who save lives.

 This is why I’m dedicated to bringing conscious conversation into the media, using its influence to spread the powerful message of healing and growth. 


  • Former Mindvalley
  • 5 years experience as a journalist 
  • Founder of a PR Agency

Why Do Health & Wellness Coaches Love Working With Me?

Regan Hillyer

 Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur 

I love that Natasha helps me get on relevant podcast shows!

Neeta Bhushan

Best Selling Author, Emotional Leadership Coach

Natasha is incredible. Her speedy wit, execution strategies, passion, and completely out of the box ideas over the past 2 years has grown our reach (both my husband & mine) to well over 150 podcasts combined, countless articles, platforms, and so on. If you are looking to expand your reach with PR with someone actually vouching for you and thinking up ideas that make the difference, you won’t be disappointed.

Christine Baird

Producer, The School Of Greatness

Natasha is one of the publicists I think does it best! 

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Discover the Stress-Free Way to Attract Clients by Building Media Presence

  • 60 min webinar
  • Real Case Studies

  • Actionable Steps You Can Immediately Apply 

Learn how to grow your coaching business through publicity


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