Kinda clueless of how did we reach the end of May so quickly. Still lots of interesting things to come in this last week! I took a day offline this weekend, got Nassim Taleb’s “Antifragile: things that gain from disorder” on my Kindle and dove in, so publishing this update about 24-hrs later than usual, yet still in time for you to join any of the events listed! Let’s roll!

1. A Call To Courage in Crisis: An Unconventional Way to Activate Your Courage, May 26, 12 pm PST

I met wonderful coach Shanita through her work as a journalist, featuring girl-bosses in the Brown Girl Magazine. She herself is quite a powerhouse — entrepreneur, coach, and author. This Tuesday she’ll be presenting her online workshop on activating Courage.

Check out the details and join here:

2. Live Discussion on Processing Team Layoffs & Running Your Business, May 26, 12 pm PST

Maintaining trust, morale, and motivation after team layoffs is a challenge, especially when those layoffs are due to economic pressures.

As a manager you set the tone, and for an empath this can be overwhelming. How do you infuse energy into the team without overburdening yourself? How can you process the loss while still being productive? Frame Therapist Lois Lim is joined by our participant Katherine, a Finance & HR lead for a small jewelry business. After having to let go of half her team, she is still searching for ways to stay calm and balanced while carrying the emotional weight and running the company division.

Tune in for their live discussion.
RSVP Here + More Details

3. Wednesday Live Meditation with Komal Chopra, May 27, 6:30 am PST

This week certified meditation teacher Komal Chopra will offer a walking meditation experience. A great format for anyone who finds it difficult to sit down in stillness. This practice can be practiced in an informal or formal way. You don’t need a large area to walk, just a few feet around you. The online event will begin with the first 10 minutes of theory, 5 minutes of practice, and some time for open discussion — short, sweet, and effective!

Join on Zoom here and use the password “meditate”

4. Live Discussion about Insecurities New Moms Face, May 28, 1 pm PST

Please join Frame therapist Valerie Hamaker and mom participant Lesley as they dig into some typical insecurities faced by young moms working through their own identity development in the throes of young motherhood. Val went through this herself four times and has walked countless other young moms through this challenging phase.

Tune in for their live discussion.
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5. Meditate and Create, May 28, 7 pm PST

Meditate and Create, by STILL DAWN COLLECTIVE, begins with a guided mindfulness practice aimed at relaxing the body and inspiring the creative mind. After our meditation, participants will immediately put their inspiration to work with a journaling activity lead by Misty Dawn. Misty will walk the group through writing prompts and stream of consciousness journaling.

Use this link to join

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