Hosting events is my true passion

Hi, I’m Natasha, at the age of 11 my piano teacher made me wear wrinkl-less dress and announce songs that other kids would perform. Events were my true passion ever since. I took every possible role, from the girl at a check-in table to the conference manager. Organized anything from a wellness retreat for 30 people to an international conference for 500. As a host with 360° understanding of events, I’d like your make yours truly special.

We are a match made in heaven if you need a host who

  • Can relate to the audience of nomads and frequent travelers, leading international lifestyle
  • Unformal, Engaging, High-Energy
  • Speaks English, Russian, Spanish
  • Has a great understanding of personal development health and wellness industries

Running an event can be chaotic,

here are a few ways I can make your life

and work of your team easier

1.Keeping Energy High

People learn best when they are having fun. When they feel seen, engaged when they understand WHY each activity has been put on their conference schedule. Or if they at least have something to laugh about. I was always able to feel the mode in the audience: sometimes a cheesy energizer is appropriate, other moments group needs time and space to reflect.

2. Make Schedule Changes Smooth.

Even best-planned events face unexpected changes: no shows from speakers, delays, 1-h presentations that are suddenly over in 20 minutes. You can rely on me to make it smooth: I’ll make your audience feel as all is according to plan. Quick story: I once went on stage knowing we are out of time: it was supposed to be the shortest announcement ever. Once ON stage, I saw a conference manager holding up a notepad that said “15 minutes”. Speaker requested for more preparation time. I had 15 minutes to improvise and make sure the stress of the team won’t be noticed in the audience. And if everything is running smoothly I’ll help you to manage participants and make sure that people stuck in the coffee breaks are not causing delays in the agenda.

3. Create Strong Bonds.

Everyone can download introduction games of the internet and run a get to know rounds. Building bonds go beyond. From the moment the first attendee of even arrives I make it my job to get to know as many people as possible, memorize names, stories, hear about the experience. I also make it my job to make sure the best of them are heard. On stage, I’d tell motivational stories of people who are in the audience, off stage I’ll facilitate introductions. Everyone will feel like your event is creating the change even before the event is over.

4. Keep Information Flowing

I’ve been in every possible role in the conference: from a girl at a registration desk to event manager and speaker. I know what smooth looks like in every aspect of a conference: big or small. Unlike speakers who often energy out of their room only for their presentation, you can expect me to be present with the group every minute of your event. I’ll help your team to keep an eye on the flow of the event. At every event I host people usually come to me with their feedback, questions or concerns, I help to funnel those to the right person in the conference team. As a result, everything is addressed quickly and participants feel heard and welcomed.

What event organizers and other speakers

have to say

Liubov Shlapai, Conference manager for Mindvalley annual Summit

Eric Edmeades, international keynote speaker, author of the Speaking Academy training

I’d love to help you create a unique atmosphere during your upcoming event! 

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