Raise your hand if you need a creative escape


Because stress, because responsibilities, because there isn’t just enough time to play.

Just why not to do it in jungles of Borneo?

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We all need a creative escape, but do we really?

We all need space and time to be creative. Yet, dancing, singing, paining, creating – seem to have too little “valuable outputs” to devote our precious time to it. 

You’d say “and it is for a very good reason I don’t have time to play. Dancing in the rain ain’t a thing that gonna pay my bills. Singing my heart out won’t fix my neither my car nor my relationship. Any of this creative stuff ain’t going to improve my day in any other measurable way”.


True that. Only that it’s not entirely true.

Creative activities improve memory

Creative expression can prevent memory loss, reports CNN

Doing art impacts your health. Positively.

Bunch of studies found the correlation, go check it out.

Creative activities can improve job performance

This one is by SF State University, and who does not want to perform better?

Creative activities improve memory

Creative expression can prevent memory loss, reports CNN

Now, as we got scientific evidence out of the way and gave some food to our logical brain, let’s just cut to the core: we need time to play, because that’s when we can be silly, funny, expressive. That’s the only time we don’t have to think of the output. In play there is no weight on the output, which means no competition. No right or wrong, no pressure on taking decision. Every decision you’ll take is going to be a right one.

It’s just such a different place to be from where you find yourself every morning, when you wake up and strategise how to get the most out of this life.

I invite you to Borneo to be silly, funny, expressive. To enjoy, play and let it all out.

Well, yeah, and to improve the memory in a meantime

Why fly to Borneo for this? 

Beads and Beats Creative escape is an international retreat where you get to play and co-create with 30 soon to be friends from all over. We come to Borneo, as we want to combine learning from with other and expert facilitators with learning from the land: island culture and local creative traditions. 

Borneo culture is still an example of a living and developing unique local culture. We come to Boenro to

  • Enjoy sun, sea, jungle and coconuts. Lots of coconuts
  • Immerse into local culture. Meat people who today are still living in the jungle and in balance with nature. Learn to create and play as they do
  • Learn from the land. So many places around the world have been whiped into a swirl of globalisation. Here is one of the places where you can still have an experience “like nowhere else on this planet”
  • To live a balanced life. Nature, nutrition and experience of co-creating in the nature.

Hi, I’m Natasha

A year ago I started running a CreativeMornings community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A lot of people think it’s my job, but honestly it’s a sidekick, where I come to play. I quickly realised that these moments of playing and expressing myself are some of the best moments I live every month.

Creative community is a place where:

  • It’s alright not to talk about business,
  • It’s alright to connect with people because of who they are, not what they do,
  • What counts is not how many useful outputs you got but in how much you enjoyed the time spent.

I now want to take it to the next level and I want to invite you to join me in it.


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